Jim Dell'Ara

Jim Dell'Ara

Shop Manager

PADI Instructor | SDI Instructor

Teaches: Open Water | Nitrox | navigation | Deep | Drysuit | Underwater Photography

Favorite dive spot: Tie! Socorro and Point Lobos

Coolest thing I’ve seen: Whale Sharks circling Roca Partida

Favorite accessory: Panasonic TG-6

Why I love teaching: I love sharing the underwater world with young divers and seeing the excitement of discovery in their eyes.

About me: I was born in Santa Cruz and raised on the west coast. In the mid-90s, I was certified in kelpy, chilly Monterey. I am passionate about ocean conservation and I love swimming with sea lions.


Brandon Estes

Brandon Estes

SDI Instructor


Megan Crabtree

Megan Crabtree

SDI Instructor | GUE | TDI Cave

Alameda County Sheriff Diver

Teaches: Open Water, Underwater Navigation, Night-Limited Visibility, Deep, Drysuit

Favorite dive spot: Point Lobos, CA

Coolest thing seen: I'm a sucker for the cathedral effect that kelp canopies make. But diving with whale sharks in the Philippines or sea lions in California are way up there.

Favorite dive accessory: Big Blue dive lights

Diving-related projects: Reef Check, Alameda County Sheriff's Office Dive Team

Why I love teaching: I love being able to show people the beauty of kelp forests. There's no better dive environment for me than flying through an underwater forest. The more people that can see these environments and see how fragile they are, the more advocates we create.

Been Diving in: Bonaire, Cozumel, Tulum, Iceland, Japan, California, Red Sea, Philippines, Hawaii, Banff

About me: I got certified in Mexico in 2018 and immediately fell in love with diving. I sought out every opportunity I could to further my training and become a better diver over the years. I think what keeps me coming back is the constant ability to improve, to learn something from new buddies, and to constantly strive for excellence without losing sight of the fun. I've met some of my best friends through this hobby, and I am passionate about training divers in a way that makes them want to keep diving. I love using this passion to give back -- from conducting underwater surveys to help future policymakers, to search and recovery dives with the local sheriff's office, there are always ways to help our community.


Lauren MacKenzie

Lauren MacKenzie

Excursion Coordinator

PADI Instructor

Courses Taught: Open Water, Rescue, PADI Aware, Divemaster

Favorite dive spot: McAbee Beach, Monterey

Coolest thing I’ve seen: Tie between 1) squid - why are they so cool?! 2) A merman - ask me about this. Was epic.

Favorite accessory: Galileo HUD

Diving-related projects: Reef Check, Kelp Restoration - G2KR, Clean-up Dives, Coral Restoration.

Been Diving in: Bonaire, Thailand, California, and Hawaii.

About me: I was certified in 2019 in Monterey (by our very own Brandon) and fell madly in love with the feeling of flying/floating mid-water column in a kelp forest. I am passionate about ocean conservation and creating community through activism and diving. I love travel research and planning and so getting to coordinate trips for the shop is a dream. Ask me about our next trip!



Kevin Chan

Kevin Chan


PADI Instructor | Padi Tec Instructor

Certifications: TDI Full Cave Diver | TDI Advanced Trimix Diver

Courses Taught: Open Water | Nitrox | Sidemount | Navigation | Dry Suit | Wreck | Deep | Search & Recovery | Emergency First Response | Tec Deep | Tec Sidemount

Favorite dive spot: Truk Lagoon and Eagle's Nest Sinkhole

Coolest thing I’ve seen: A divemaster who was best friends with a Goliath grouper

Favorite accessory: A wrist mirror - look behind you underwater without getting into awkward positions!

Why I Love Teaching: I want to share the freedom you feel when flying through the ocean.

Been Diving in: Florida, California, Hawaii, The Bahamas, Truk Lagoon, Thailand

About me: I was born and raised in NYC, but have also lived in WA, FL, KS, MI, IL, and now CA! I got scuba certified while living in Florida and was immediately hooked; I eventually became an open water instructor in 2016 and a tec instructor shortly after. I hope to cultivate a love of the ocean through first hand experience and by developing lifelong divers.