Get to Know DOER

DOER was founded in 1992 by Dr. Sylvia Earle as Deep Ocean Exploration and Research, a marine consulting firm. The company is now headed by her daughter, Liz Taylor along with subsea specialist Ian Griffith, who expanded the firm’s scope and capabilities to include ROV and submersible support services. Director of Engineering, Tony Lawson joined the team to help respond to the demand for innovative subsea solutions and robotic systems. DOER has built some of the most versatile and cutting edge vehicles to date, as well our team has supported scientific expeditions across the globe for more than 35 years. 

 Since day one we have worked to bring our customers products that can adapt and grow to meet the needs of any environment and depth. Our mission is to create the best tools for scientists at an affordable price to allow them to spend more time in the field doing research. We are partners and collaborators in exploration and education. Working with nonprofits such as DeepHope, Mission Blue, and Blue Endeavors, we are committed to expanding education about our blue planet across the world and right at home in Alameda, California.

In 2016, DOER moved into a new facility at the historic Alameda Naval Air Station where it has continued to grow with a full team of innovators, engineers, field operations supervisors, project management staff, technicians, and key advisers. We have a fully equipped in-house machine shop and electrical lab to allow for rapid prototyping and start to finish fabrication. 

In 2020 we are pleased to announce the opening of our Deep Ocean Explore Store. As a part of our ongoing commitment to making a difference in our community, DOER is expanding to help connect more people directly to ocean exploration. The store offers brands that our team knows, uses, and trusts in the field. Get in touch or stop by the shop to buy or rent the gear for your next expedition. 

H6500 Hydraulic ROV being recovered from its mission off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii

DOER is at the cutting edge of marine research

This video shows the DOER team undertaking a proof of concept test for the Canon ME20FSH ultra low light camera. These deep water bamboo corals pulse bioluminescence when touched. Read more about the Sea of Hope and our expedition at National Geographic by clicking here.

Habitat and environment conservation in action

The Sea Mantis manipulator, designed and built by DOER has been used on many different manned and unmanned vehicles including James Cameron's Deep Sea Challenger. Here, ROV pilots are training on use of the arm by collecting ocean plastic from the sea bed.