• Open Water Scuba Diver Course

Open Water Scuba Diver Course

Open Water Diver Course

Your SCUBA training starts here! The Open Water Diver training has 4 main components (hours are approximate): 


  1. Online Academics, 12 hours

    •  Upon enrollment, you’ll receive a unique eLearning code to begin your academics program

    • Self-paced and to be completed before starting pool training

    • When you’ve completed the final exam, please email instruction@DOERMarine.com so we can arrange a time to review the material ~

  2. SCUBA Equipment Assembly & Fitting Session Deep Ocean Explore Store – 2 hours

    • 1 practical session covering the basic assembly of SCUBA equipment and fitting of personal and rental gear

    • Each student will need to have their own personal gear including - mask, snorkel, boots, gloves, underwater compass, and a method for logging dives. These items can be provided by the student, pending approval by instructional staff, or purchased from our store

    • Estimated cost of personal gear: $200-$450 

  3. Pool Training Alameda – 10 hours (weekend)

    • 2-3 sessions lasting 2 to 4 hours each (depending on the class size, usually 3 to 6 students)

    • Rental gear (wetsuits, BCs, weights, regulators, computers, fins, and cylinders) will be provided at no additional cost during the pool sessions. However, they will need to be rented for a fee of $120 for the ocean dives. 

  4. Ocean Dives San Carlos Beach (aka “The Breakwater”), Monterey – 16 hours (weekend)

    • 4 ocean dives over 2 days (we recommend staying in Monterey on Friday and Saturday night)

    • Schedule: Saturday 7am – 4pm and Sunday: 7am – 2pm

    • Bring plenty of water (hydration is critical and help prevents diving injury), a small packed lunch, and a lot of high-energy snacks to eat throughout the day

    • We always operate with “Safety First” in mind. If we have to cancel due to unsafe weather or sea conditions (happens occasionally), we’ll tell you by the Wednesday prior to the weekend After completing the Open Water course, you’ll be eligible to participate in our upcoming diving activities, from local Nudibranch explorations to Catalina Island adventures. We look forward to sharing in your underwater journey.



Pick one eLearn: PADI $207 -or- SDI $133.85

+ Group class tuition (with pool & ocean)


+ Personal gear


+ Rental gear (ocean)


+ Extras: Monterey hotel 2 nights, parking, meals 

*If completing ocean dives elsewhere (referral): Group class tuition (pool only) $549

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This course is for you if:

  • You would like to earn a Scuba Diving certification

  • You are interested in underwater exploration


What you can expect to learn:

The Open Water Scuba Diver Course will cover all of the necessary skills and knowledge for open water scuba diving, including:

  • The aquatic environment: vision, light, sound, heat loss, tides, currents, waves, surge, etc.

  • Physics and physiology: buoyancy, pressure, air spaces, breathing compressed air, mixed gases, etc.

  • Dive equipment selection, assembly, use and maintenance

  • Dive planning

  • Basic scuba skills including mask and regulator skills, swimming underwater, buoyancy control, basic rescue techniques, and emergency procedures

  • And much more!


What’s in it for you:

Upon successful completion of the Open Water Scuba Diver course, graduates may:

  • Conduct open water dives in conditions similar to their training

  • Continue their dive education by enrolling in Advanced Diver and Specialty courses

Open Water Scuba Diver minimum requirements:

  • Demonstrate mature and sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution

  • Satisfactorily complete the Open Water Scuba Diver knowledge quests or equivalent online learning course

  • Complete all open water requirements safely and efficiently

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