• Night Diving (PADI or SDI)

Night Diving (PADI or SDI)

Night diving allows divers to experience the water in a completely different way with many diverse sea creatures.Because night diving is known as specialty diving, procedures are different from those associated with open water diving. Our course prepares open water divers for night diving by teaching the procedures, techniques, and potential hazards associated with diving at night, or in limited visibility. Familiarity with the use of dive lights, and night diving techniques such as navigation, buddy system procedures, communications, buoyancy control, and interacting with nocturnal aquatic life will prepare aspiring divers to safely enjoy diving in the night.  

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Who this course is for:

  • Individuals that wish to explore the underwater world at night, along with the nocturnal wildlife


Course prerequisites:

  • Open Water Scuba Diver, or equivalent

  • Minimum age 18, 10 - 15 with private instruction


What’s in it for you?

Upon successful completion of this course graduates may:

  • Dive at night and in limited visibility conditions they were exposed to during training

  • Plan and execute a night and low visibility dives


Night/Limited Visibility Diver minimum requirements:

  • Plan dive

  • Safety procedures

  • Enter and descent

  • Remain submerged at least 20 minutes

  • Change direction several times while maintaining proper navigation

  • Two minute swim without compass

  • Surface and reorient

  • Descend and navigate

  • Use properly; underwater light, submersible pressure gauge, compass, depth gauge, and computer

  • Maintain buddy contact throughout dive

  • Log dive


How to take this course:

  • Sign up and receive your online code. Choose between SDI or PADI!

  • Once you complete the online portion schedule the class, pool, or open water dives as required.

  • Course Costs:

    • $116.10 (PADI) $139.95 (SDI) for eLearning & certification card once earned. 

    • $315 Tuition Fee - Includes Classroom Session, Pool Session, and 2 open water dives.

  • Dive count is the minimum required amount of dives to successfully complete the course. 

  • Not included are Rental Equipment and Trip Costs. Trip costs include transportation, lodging, boat fees, park fees, food and beverage, etc.

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